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Power Plan Assistant 3.2e Crack For Mac [Serial Key + Win] Download

Power Plan Assistant 3.2e Crack For Mac [Serial Key + Win] Download

Power Plan Assistant 3.2e Crack is a power management tool for Windows 7 and 8 laptops. The software offers a unique set of features designed to complement the functionality of these two operating systems.

power plan assistant


It also includes special features for Apple MacBook Pro/Air running under Windows 7 via Boot Camp. With Power Plan Assistant, users can disable keyboard backlight or turn on/off the automatic keyboard backlight level adjustment for Windows 7 Macbooks. The program offers these features for Windows 7, which were previously available only on Mac OS

X while maintaining Boot Camp’s native hardware controls.

Features To Crack With Serial Number:

– Lets you easily switch between any of your power plans (Windows default power plans and custom power plans).
– View the currently active power plan via the taskbar icon.
– Lets you power off the display instantly.
– Automated switch between power plans based on battery level or using the built-in actions (to High Performance or Balanced when you plugin in the laptop/ to Power Saver or Balanced when you unplug it).
– Customizable action on placing mouse cursor at the top-left corner of the screen: power off display instantly, lock workstation or toggle Windows Flip 3D.

Power Plan Assistant Crack allows a user to:

  • Quickly switch between the Windows built-in and custom power plans;
  • Easily see which power plan is currently active;
  • 1User may choose between the three types of the dynamic notification area icon in the taskbar.
  • Instantly power off the display on user’s demand (why wait at least one minute for it to be powered off, wasting the energy?). The display can be waked up then by pressing any key or moving the cursor;
  • Instantly power off the display, lock workstation or toggle Windows Flip 3D mode without a need to perform even a single click: the user-configurable action fires on placing the cursor precisely at the top left corner of the screen.

                             Power Plan Assistant Crack 3.2e Download

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